Who we are

Sales: Günter Winter

Magnets and magnetic measurements were already the topic of my thesis more than 30 years ago, when I graduated as a Diplom Physicist.

After graduation, I worked for a large German producer of hard- and soft-magnetic materials for more than 7 years. Subsequently, I worked in the development of automotive ignition coils and transducers.

In 1991, I joined the French magnet producer Ugimag, where I was responsible for sales of all permanent magnet materials (SmCo, NdFeB, Alnico, sintered and flexible ferrite). After Ugimag, my magnet sales  activities continued at Magnequench, Precision Magnetics and Arnold Magnetic Technologies. According to a customer, I "left my trail everywhere".

Based on this experience, I will be able to give you unbiased advice for the most suitable magnet in your application.

Technology: Ernst Joho

In the 1970's, I joined Brown Boveri & Cie in Baden, Switzerland, where the first production of rare earth magnets in Europe had been established. I became the production manager at this site, and held that job while the unit became part of Ugimag, Magnequench, Precision Magnetics and finally Arnold Magnetic technologies, where I finally worked as general manager for the Swiss facility.

In addition to Günter and Ernst, a broad network of experienced professionals contribute to Mittelland Magnets. Their assistance in the specification and procurement of magnets, in numerical simulations, in testing and many other aspects, will guarantee a comprehensive service and reliable supply.